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Spring Cleaning Tips for Ramadan

The Holy Month of Ramadan is a time for fasting for every single Muslim, with the exception of pregnant women, elderly, breastfeeding women, and those who are ill. It is also a time of prayer and total devotion. However, Ramadan is not just a wonderful time to fast; it is also the best time for spring [...]

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Move-in Cleaning Tips

Cleaning house is crucial before moving in. Whether it is a small apartment in a busy city or a spacious bungalow in the suburb, spring cleaning is a must before you come live in your new abode. Do not worry, though, as there are ways to make move-in cleaning a breeze no matter the size of [...]

Cleaning Restaurant Kitchens

Running a restaurant is extremely challenging. It entails a lot of hardwork and requires significant amount of time to be spent into it. A restaurateur not only needs to think about the financial aspects of the business and how to keep it running smoothly; he or she also needs to keep the restaurant clean and free [...]

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Three Best Ways to Clean Your Carpets from Stains

If you have owned carpets, you have probably learned by now that keeping them clean and looking like new even after several years of use is an enormous challenge. Indeed, carpets add beauty to any rooms in the house, but they can also be a sore to the eyes if they have started accumulating unwanted dusts [...]