Cleaning up shower enclosures is a humungous task, but removing shards of glass after it broke is an even more challenging undertaking. Yes, the glass doors of shower enclosures are not as safe as you may think they are. They can shatter to pieces due to certain circumstances, such as pre-existing imperfections and damage on the glass surface during its installation. When glass shower enclosures suddenly break, it can truly be a pain in the ass, especially when you need to clean up piles of broken glass in your shower. Cleaning services in Abu Dhabi can help, but what if you do not have the resources to hire such a service or you simply do not want other people to clean that part of your home?

Self-Help Tips to Clean Up Broken Shower Enclosures

Cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi provide comprehensive cleaning services that can greatly ease the burden off your shoulders. However, you can opt to do the task yourself if you are up for the challenge. Here are some broken glass cleaning hacks that might prove helpful to you.

First Things First – Clean Up Shards with Gardening Tools

When glass doors of shower enclosures fall apart, you will be faced with a sea of broken glass on your floor. This can be hard to clean up as broken shower enclosures cannot be simply picked up by hand. You might think of sweeping the entire thing up, but it will simply not do the trick, especially that there could be larger pieces that cannot be removed by a broom. So, what shall you do then? Hire an hourly maids services in Abu Dhabi? That is a great idea, but here is another solution: get a shovel or a trowel and use it to remove any broken glass from the floor. Be sure to get a trash bin ready for the task as well, and make sure to wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands.

Once the bigger pieces are removed, you may then proceed to doing step 2, which can be any of the following hacks below:

Cleaning Hack #1: Use Potato to Clean Up the Mess

You probably use potato only for cooking and baking, but do you know that raw potato can actually be used to clean up broken glass on floors? Simply cut the potato in half and press each half on shards of broken glass. The shards will stick on the soft flesh of the raw potato, making it easier for you to clean up your floor without directly touching the glass with your fingers.

Cleaning Hack #2: Use a Piece of Bread

You probably think it is silly to use something from your pantry or your table to clean up the mess brought about by broken glass. But, no. Bread is actually a good medium to get rid of broken glass. If you have bread left overs, the ones that are bigger enough to be used for picking up smaller shards of glass, pile them up and use them for cleaning up broken glass on floors. Be careful when doing this especially when the bread you are using are not thick enough to absorb longer shards.

Cleaning Hack #3: Power Up That Vacuum

Oftentimes, simply sweeping glass off the floor will not do the trick of removing extremely small shards. The shards can even cling to the broom and may just be redistributed somewhere around the house without you noticing it. To avoid this from happening, use a vacuum instead. Make sure that you have run the vacuum cleaner thoroughly all over the area so that you can be sure that all pieces, even those you cannot readily see with your naked eyes, are picked up.

Scrub the floor after you have done any of the hacks above. If you are unsure if you have thoroughly cleaned up all areas to make it safe for kids and other family members, it is best to call a deep cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. These companies often offer hourly maids services in Abu Dhabi at affordable rates, so you will not have to worry about shelling a good amount for clean-up.