Toilet bowls and wash sinks are often prone to getting yellowish or brownish stains, even if they are cleaned regularly. The stains are caused by the buildup of mineral deposits, which come from hard water. Such stains may be hard to remove even if you perform daily maintenance and brush your toilet bowls and wash sinks. Heavily stained toilet bowls and sinks are among the many reasons why some people in the UAE hire cleaning services in Abu Dhabi.

The problem with some cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi is that they may use harsh chemicals when cleaning homes and offices. There are trustworthy companies, though, that offer safe solutions to the problem. But you will have to carefully weed through them to get the right services that not only fit your budget but also right enough to meet your preference and maintain the safety of your entire home or office environment.

We at Leeds Cleaning Services understand the needs of every household. That is why we have compiled below some tips on how to clean that stain in your toilet bowl or wash sink.

Natural Cleaning Solutions

Going natural is often not in the minds of companies offering hourly maids’ services. Commercial cleaners with chemicals consist their cleaning regimen. We at Leeds Cleaning Services, however, recommend going natural, particularly when you are going DIY. For natural cleaning solutions, the best to use is vinegar. You can use this natural cleaning solution in a number of ways. One is to put vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray it on the stained area. Another is to directly pour vinegar into the stains. Let sit for a while, then promptly scrub with a toilet brush. Vinegar does not only clean away the stains. It also disinfects the bowl and sink, so it is really great as a cleaning regimen.

Use Strong Cleaning Agents

If the stains on your toilet bowl and wash sink are too stubborn to remove with vinegar, then it is probably time to use strong cleaning agents. Some of those we recommend include Borax powder and bleach. To use Borax powder, make sure to shut down the water supply to the toilet tank and flush the bowl once to empty it. Sprinkle the stains with Borax powder and slowly scrub with a toilet brush. Let sit for 30 minutes afterwards, then fill the tank again with water. Flush the toilet. Repeat the process if desired.
To use bleach, apply dry beach into the toilet bowl, particularly on the stained area. Leave it for a couple of hours, then flush.