Running a restaurant is extremely challenging. It entails a lot of hardwork and requires significant amount of time to be spent into it. A restaurateur not only needs to think about the financial aspects of the business and how to keep it running smoothly; he or she also needs to keep the restaurant clean and free from contaminants at all times. One of the most important areas that need to be maintained in a restaurant is the kitchen, as it is where food, drinks, and all other products offered to customers are prepared. Regular cleaning of kitchen restaurants are a must, but it can also be very challenging and overwhelming. No wonder most of the time, restaurant owners and managers in Abu Dhabi often hire cleaning services in Abu Dhabi to get the job done on time on a regular basis.

Deep cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi can very well help in maintaining the cleanliness of kitchen restaurants. They have proven systems that help their personnel get the job done in just a short period of time, thereby ensuring that no interruption is caused to the business’ daily operations. However, the services of these companies may come with a hefty price, especially if they have a lot of space to be covered. If you are a restaurant owner or manager looking to cut costs and if you are not ready to obtain the expertise of hourly maids services in Abu Dhabi to help with kitchen cleaning, here are some kitchen maintenance tips that might help keep your kitchen decent and free from contamination at all times.

Dispose of Trash on a Regular Basis

Trash bins contain waste that may contaminate food in the most disastrous ways. One of the most important steps to maintain the cleanliness of kitchen restaurants is to empty all trash cans on a regular basis. It is best to empty them after every shift and not wait for 24 hours before throwing their contents away. Trash bins, especially those that contain food wastes, can attract all sorts of insects that carry diseases and other contaminants. Certainly, you would not want your restaurant kitchen to be a haven for cockroaches, flies, rats, and other vermin. Food particles and other junks that are kept for too long in trash bins can rot and can lead to contamination in food, which could in turn lead to lethal food poisoning in people.

Decontaminate Kitchen Equipment and Utensils

You may not know it, but germs could have clung to your kitchen implements and multiplied in a rapid pace. Restaurant cleaning services in Abu Dhabi know this, so they often perform thorough cleanup on kitchen equipment and recommend regular cleaning habits to their customers. To prevent germ build up inside your kitchen, it is imperative that you not only have your restaurant kitchen equipment scrubbed and washed, but also have them thoroughly sanitized and decontaminated. If you do not have the budget to hire hourly maids services in Abu Dhabi to perform thorough decontamination and sanitation of your cooking space, take the following tips in mind and do it yourself or ask your crew to perform these regularly:

  • Wash all surfaces inside the kitchen, including prep tables, knives, cutting boards, grills, cheese slicers, fryers, and all other equipment and sanitize them.
  • Empty steamers and clean them well.
  • Put dirty chefs’ coats and aprons inside the laundry and keep them away from the food preparation area unless they have been cleaned or laundered.
  • Thoroughly clean walk-in refrigerators.
  • Put away dirty rags and always use clean ones after each shift.
  • Launder floor mats and make sure they have been sanitized before using them again.
  • Sweep and mop the floors and scrub them if required. You may use eco-friendly chemicals or natural disinfectants for cleaning floors.
  • Keep sinks and kitchen cabinets sanitized at all times.
  • Clean coffee machines.
  • Empty ice machines and sanitize after each shift.
  • Delime faucets.
  • Clean kitchen walls and ceilings.

Remember, running a restaurant brings with it a huge responsibility not only to keep it running smoothly but also to ensure the health and safety of your customers. The points mentioned above are only parcel of the entire process of cleaning restaurant kitchens, but they can greatly help in ensuring cleanliness inside your food preparation area. If you think the work that comes with restaurant kitchen maintenance is overwhelming and too time-consuming for you and your crew, it is always best to ask the help of professionals. There are cheap deep cleaning services in Abu Dhabi that can help make your restaurant a better haven for food enthusiasts. While they may add to your expenses, their services may prove to be beneficial to you and your business in the long run.