Most people I know recoil in horror at the sight of cockroaches. Who wouldn’t? Cockroaches are not only ugly, they also bring with them an array of bacteria, germs and viruses that can lead to certain health problems, including typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera, leprosy, and gastroenteritis to name a few. Problem is cockroaches are everywhere, infecting just about every home in a community anywhere in the world. Ask any trusted cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, and they would certainly tell you that getting rid of cockroaches are among the most challenging roles they have ever been hired for. These pests can breed rapidly, and can survive on any environment. They are even believed to have survived the holocaust.

How Cockroaches Spread

Cockroaches thrive in an environment where there is abundant food supply for them. This means areas with unsealed food containers, trash bins, food crumbs, and areas where food is freely left out in the open. They are also often attracted to dark places, particularly near water sources or where they have easy access to a water supply. They also thrive well in environments that have less predators. Overall, cockroaches thrive well in a dirty home.

How to Prevent Cockroach Infestation in Your Home

Cockroaches are hard to keep away, but their widespread infestation can be prevented. Below are some ways to keep cockroaches away:
1. Remove their food source in your household. As much as possible, do not leave any food crumbs or food particles on tables and any part of your house. Make sure all trash bins are cleared out before calling it a night, or make sure that all of them are well-covered. Likewise, remove any water source that might attract them. Cockroaches thrive well in damp places and in areas where there is moisture, so if possible, make sure to keep all areas dry and cleaned.
2. De-clutter on a regular basis. Remove any clutter that may become a hiding place for cockroaches. These include newspapers, magazines, and old books. The droppings of cockroaches contain pheromones that give out a signal to other cockroaches that they have found a home. If these areas are not cleaned as soon as possible, then cockroach infestation is highly possible.
3. Seal any cracks and crevices that can possibly become a cockroach hideout. Cracks in walls, and even pipes and drains, especially those that emit out an unpleasant smell, are extremely attractive to cockroaches. To keep cockroaches away, seal out these possible entrances that may lure cockroaches into your home.
4. Clean and maintain cleanliness. Cockroaches are attracted to filth. So, the best way to keep them away and prevent infestation is to make sure that your household is clean and well-maintained at all times. If you have a busy schedule and regular is not possible, consider hiring hourly maids services that can perform deep cleaning on all parts of your house. You may have to shell out a particular amount for the service, but the benefits can greatly be enjoyed for the long term.