Cleaning house is crucial before moving in. Whether it is a small apartment in a busy city or a spacious bungalow in the suburb, spring cleaning is a must before you come live in your new abode. Do not worry, though, as there are ways to make move-in cleaning a breeze no matter the size of the new home. Here in Abu Dhabi, busy people often hire deep cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi to do all the hard work for them, but if you have the time, you can always go DIY and prepare your new house the way you want.

Not sure how to go about house cleaning before you move in? Here are some helpful tips:

Know How Much Cleaning is Needed

The very first thing you need to do before moving in to your new house is to assess its condition. If it is a new house and has not been lived in by other people previously, then you might only have to perform some sweeping and brushing to get rid of dust and other construction debris that might have been left by the construction team. If there is too much debris and left-over construction materials, it is best to ask the help of cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. If there had been previous occupants, evaluate the type of cleaning that needs to be done in your new home. Are there things that need to be thrown away? Will you be using some of the existing furniture and fixtures? Did the previous owners perform some move-out cleaning before leaving the house? Based on the answer to these questions, you will be able to gauge how much cleaning is required to get your new home ready for you and your family.

Check the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in a house. This is where your family will probably spend much of your bonding time and this is where you will showcase your love for them through your cooking skills. Therefore, it is just fitting to make sure that this part of the house is well-kept before you move in. Check if there are remaining greasy spots in the kitchen and see if you need to scrub and mop certain areas. Check also if kitchen cabinets have been cleaned. If the kitchen has somehow been cleaned by the previous occupants, finish it off with some disinfectants and sanitize all over.

Clean the Bathrooms

Always include the bathrooms in your checklist of areas to be cleaned before moving in. Even if the previous applicants may have cleaned this part of the house, you still need to make sure that cleanliness is not just on the surface. Apply disinfectants on sinks, shower enclosures, and toilet bowls and even on the bathroom floors.

Clean Carpets, Furniture, and Floors

Mop and scrub the floors of the entire house. If there are existing pieces of furniture and carpets, clean them well. You may have to steam-clean the carpets, or hire the services of cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi to save you time and effort in cleaning these things.

Sometimes, especially when the previous owners have pets, carpets may hide dirt and even emit a particular smell. If cleaning these carpets is too much for you, and if the house is too big for you to clean it yourself, asking the help of hourly maids services in Abu Dhabi might be a great choice. There are trustworthy cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi that offer hourly maids services at affordable rates.