Kitchens are among the most used areas in a house. It is where we connect with families and friends, and where we show our heartfelt welcome to visitors and guests. Most of all, it is often where we spend quality time with our loved ones after a whole day’s grind at school or work. Unfortunately, the kitchen is also one of the many areas in the house that need regular deep cleaning, especially that it contains equipment and fixtures that are prone to accumulating grime overtime.  Kitchen cabinets, for instance, may accumulate grease, dust, and other residues that may not only make your kitchen look less enticing but also pose danger to your family’s health. Many households may have even used the services of deep cleaning companies to have their kitchen cabinets freed of intense mold and mildew buildup.

Are you one of the many who are struggling with removing grease on your kitchen cabinets? Before you decide to call an hourly maids’ services to help you get rid of your problem, here are some tips that might help.

Mild Cleaning Solution

Kitchen cabinets, whether they are made of wood, metal, vinyl, or plastic, can be cleaned with just soap and water. This simple solution is enough to get rid of dust, food residue buildup, and slight grease buildup. You may spray the soap and water solution to the surface or apply it using a clean rug. Remember to rinse with clean water afterwards and to wipe the surface of the cabinet dry after rinsing. The soap and water solution can be used for both the interior and exterior part of the kitchen cabinets.

Heavy Duty Cleaning Solution

If water and soap will no longer do the trick due to heavy grease buildup on the cabinet’s surface, you may need to use commercial cleaners instead. Make sure to use only those that do not have harsh chemicals, however, as those may do more damage than help remove dirt on your cabinets. If you are not sure which ones are best for cabinet maintenance, you may ask around and see what your neighborhood cleaning services use for their clients. They may be able to recommend products with natural ingredients that are not only effective but affordable as well.

Cabinet Contents

Do not forget to clean the contents of the cabinets as well. They, too, need the same amount of attention as the cabinet itself. Take out the contents and wipe them with clean cloth one by one. Also remember to check out each item, especially looking at their expiry date and making sure that they are still safe to consume. If expiry date has elapsed, throw the items away and replenish with newer supplies.

Once all the above has been done, leave the kitchen cabinets open for at least an hour or two. Do not put the contents back on the cabinets unless the cabinets are already dry.

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