Cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi are popular among those who are too busy to tidy up their own spaces. These establishments are often asked to scrub toilets, kitchen cabinets, living rooms, and furniture, including sofas. Literally, they make residential cleaning a breeze. Indeed, such firms are of big help to households and even corporations. They can work magic on even the dirtiest parts of the house, and can even make your living areas more livable like they were when they were new.

Some of the things that make people contact cleaning services in Abu Dhabi are smelly bathrooms and extremely dirty kitchens, but do you know that cleaning fabric sofas have also proven to be a nightmare for many, prompting them to hire hourly maids services in Abu Dhabi at times? If you are one of these people, here are some tips on how to clean a fabric sofa the easy way.

Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions on How to Clean a Fabric Sofa

The very first thing you need to do if you want to make your fabric sofa lounge-worthy again is to review the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. If there aren’t any, look for a tag that might give you some clues on how the sofa should be cleaned. If you are able to find such a tag, make sure to follow each recommended method for cleaning. Normally, you would find one of these letters in your tag: W, S, WS, and X. W means you can clean the sofa using only water; S means you would need a special solvent-based solution to clean the furniture; WS means either water or a solvent-based solution is acceptable; and X means you only need to vacuum the product. Remember, do not use water on a sofa that needs only solvent-based solutions and never use solvent-based solutions on sofas that only have W or X on their tags. Not following instructions may damage your sofa instead of just having it cleaned.

Vacuum Your Sofa Regularly

Fabric sofas look cozy and inviting but they are also susceptible to accumulating dust and dirt. If this is your problem, vacuuming on a regular basis can mean a lot. Steam cleaning is also highly recommended for sofas that have a W or WS tag, but make sure that the furniture can withstand the heat before doing so. There are sofas that cannot withstand the heat of steamers and could get damage once cleaned with a steaming unit. For stains, you may spray the affected part with water and white vinegar solution combined with a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Spray a little bit at a time and blot with a clean cloth afterwards.

It is a good decision to ask the help of deep cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi when you need to get your house tidied up. These professionals can make your home feel more secured and free from germs. However, if you have a lot of spare time, you can always do the cleaning yourself and save some bucks. Struggling with carpet stains? Click here for information on how you can clean your carpets from stains.