Is your mall or retail outlet seeing a low footfall despite various sales efforts? The problem may not just be in the advertising method or design of your establishment. The problem could be not having a spotlessly clean or tardy environment. We have been working with some retailers in maintaining clean windows, sparkling floors, well arranged shelves and maintaining a dust-free environment.

Malls in Abu Dhabi attract both local and foreign shoppers alike, and the overall appearance of the common areas, including food courts, can make a difference for repeat customers.

Leeds Cleaning Services offers cleaning services to Malls and Retail Outlets in Abu Dhabi, helping in maintaining retailer’s brand image.
Our services are tailor made to suit each client requirement, be it the requirement for cleaning services at particular hours of the day such as before the shop opens, or full time cleaners. As one of the top cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi, all our services can be tailor made to suit your unique requirement.

Our Offer

We at Leeds Cleaning Services understand the need to maintain clean surroundings inside malls as well as retail outlets and Office Cleaning. We work with establishments to complement their efforts and help drive business. Our services include:

  • General housekeeping and cleaning services
  • Maintaining clean food courts through regular clearing of tables and garbage disposal
  • Regular deep cleaning for public areas and hard-to-reach areas
  • Restrooms cleaning and replenishment of toiletries
  • Car park deep cleaning

Our Guarantee

Leeds Cleaning Services is one of the cheapest cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi, and we pride ourselves in giving only the best cleaning services we could offer our clients. If you hire us to clean your malls and retail outlets, you can be assured of the following:

  • Stellar cleaning service that only well-trained personnel can provide
  • Improved customer satisfaction leading to more patron visits and sales
  • More aesthetically pleasing surroundings due to excellent upkeep and conservation


Contact us today for a premises review and quotation – we  can work together to grow your business through our excellent cleaning services.