Schools are high traffic environments that need constant cleaning and sanitisation, especially considering that children can be very vulnerable to infections. It is an important task to keep the students and teachers in the school safe from any microorganisms and allergens that may affect their health, and ultimately their productivity. These tasks can easily be achieved by outsourcing one of the best cleaning services in Abu Dhabi to do the job.

Leeds Cleaning Services provides professional cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. With our comprehensive cleaning packages, we ensure that our school clients always have a clean and sanitized environment.

Our Offer

Our team is comprised of well-trained maids in Abu Dhabi. We offer the following:

  • Methodical cleaning of the entire school. In addition to cleaning out all the dust and grime, we will also sanitize and disinfect every nook and corner that may be a haven for germs and other microorganisms.
  • Proper disposable of waste. Our trained professionals will make sure that appropriate disposal of waste is observed at all times. This will prevent contamination of chemicals if there are any.
  • Affordable cleaning services package that fit your institution’s budget. We are among the cheapest school cleaners in Abu Dhabi. With our annual contracts, we have pocket-friendly packages with an optimal number of cleaning Residential maids.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee an excellent cleaning job once you engage our services. Our clients who have consistently renewed their annual school cleaning contracts are a testament to our professional cleaning services.

Contact us now for a free quote and to learn how we can be of help in making your school spotless and safe for all your students, teachers, and guests.