Ramadan is a busy month for Muslims. No wonder there is always a rise in the need for hourly maids services in Abu Dhabi during this Holy Month. Frugal housewives and home managers, particularly those who are tight on budget, however, may skip hiring such services to incur more savings. In a quandary on where and how to start?  Below are some tips to save bucks on hourly maids services on Ramadan.

Perform Ramadan Cleanup Days Before the Holy Month Begins

Ask any reputable cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi and they would tell you that Ramadan is not just a busy month for fasting but also for cleaning for many homeowners. At this time of year, sales of cleaning services usually go up due to the mounting house chores in most Abu Dhabi homes. If you are one of the many who is struggling with chores during this time of year, it is highly recommended that you change your ways and perform only minimal house chores during Ramadan. Instead, try to do things one at a time days or weeks before Ramadan starts and aim to have finished the spring cleaning process before the Holy Month begins.

Plan Your Meals for Ramadan

Meal planning can take as much time as cleaning the kitchen. Therefore, make it a point to plan your meals before Ramadan starts. Planning prior to the start of the Holy Month can help you gauge which food ingredients you need to store in your kitchen, thereby helping you to avoid clutter and storing unnecessary ingredients. Moreover, stock up on things that can help you prepare foods easier and those that can help you store leftovers. Things like plastic wraps or cling wraps, microwavable containers, and eco-friendly plastic bags can prove to be handy.

Clean As You Go

One reason why it could be harder to clean a household even for seasoned deep cleaning services in Abu Dhabi is the fact that dirt and grime could have stubbornly clung to surfaces. This is often caused by not giving attention to small formations of grime and dirt buildup at the first signs, thinking that you will just scrub it away when you have the time. To lessen cleaning time during Ramadan, it is recommended to clean spills and mildew formations as soon as possible. Do not wait for dirt to cling stubbornly to surfaces. Always make it a point to do some cleaning every time you finish a chore, such as cooking, in your home.

Finally, make Ramadan a season of cleaning not only your home but also your mind and body. This is not something that can be done by cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi or by hourly maids services in Abu Dhabi, but you can certainly do this without any help.   Make sure to eat and prepare only healthy foods and to spend enough time on relaxation and meditation. It is also best to keep yourself hydrated and to take the right amount of naps.